What does Titan Gel contain? Ingredients Titan Gel Premium

What does Titan Gel contain? Ingredients Titan Gel Premium

What does Titan Gel contain – Ingredients Titan Gel Premium

What does Titan gel contain? The question you are about now about ingredients, Titan Gel composition, or what Titan Gel contains, I will tell you exactly what it contains after a thorough search. The famous Guarana is here, so Guarana extract has the role of widening the vessels, with a revitalizing and stimulating effect on the appearance of a strong and long-lasting erection. Another ingredient is L-arginine that intensifies blood circulation in the genitals, with the role of improving sperm quality.



Glycine with the vasodilatory effect, eliminates your psycho-emotional tension, giving you a courage and making you really full of yourself. Magnesium is just a microelement essential to the normalization of blood circulation in the small pelvis.


What does Titan Gel contain?

Ingrediente Titan Gel (EN)
Sodium polyacrylate
PEG / PPG-18/18 Dimethicone
Propylene glycol
Poloxamer 184
Verbena flowers / leaf extract
Sodium hyaluronate
Succinic acid
Strawberry extract
Glyceryl laurate
Sodium hydroxide


Whether you have problems with your penis size or you want to take advantage of the other benefits it offers, Titan Gel is a recommended choice for anyone who has passed the age of 18. Just as “Size Does not Matter” this product is also helpful to impress your beloved with extraordinary sex performances. Titan Gel is a natural product that does not contain artificial additives, flavorings, preservatives or genetically modified organisms. Immediately after application, you have the desired effect on potency, it has no side effects.

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