What are Jelq Exercises with Titan Gel?

What are Jelq Exercises with Titan Gel?
How to have a bigger penis?

What are Jelq Exercises with Titan Gel

What are Jelq Exercises with Titan Gel? Jelq forms the basis for all penis enlargement exercises. If your goal is to improve the size and hardness of the erection, Jelq is the starting point!

A Penis Enlargement Exercise – Men added up to 5 cm in length and width with a strict exercise routine
A movement like “milking” – jelqs should be done 5-20 minutes a day, 2-5 days a week
A sure exercise – when done properly with the right heat and breaks, jelq is completely safe.

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Exercises for penis enlargement – Penis is not a muscle. Thus, any exercises to increase muscle mass will have no effect on the increase in the volume of the penis. Manual stretching exercises or devices have a different type of action on their (expanding) tissues and therefore an increase in their length (some types of stimulation can stretch the skin and the length of the penis).

Manual stretching by pulling and squeezing moves

Running principle: Performed daily for 30 minutes for an indefinite period of time, thus stimulating penile glands and increased blood flow to the penis; the penis is manipulated in a flaccid state, with firm movements, but without getting into an erection (self-discipline and control is needed). The method has ancient, Arabic origins, but executed with too much enthusiasm can cause irreversible damage to the skin and to the bleeding of the cavernous body (connective tissue that envelops the testicle). This technique is used together with titan gel and effects are kept.

How to start exercising Jelq

These exercises include a simple 4-step process to get a fluid motion.

ATTENTION !!! Do not start jelq without reading all of the information below.

How to make the Jelq exercise step by step:

Lubricate: Before you start this exercise, lubricate your penis with Titan Gel, penis enlargement gel (picture # 1)

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Erectile level: Get an erection at the level of about 50-75% by gently pulling the penis. Never do this exercise with the full erect penis.
OK Strangers: Use your thumb and forefinger to make a OK grip (image 2)

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Start at the base: place the grip around the base of the penis as close as possible to the pubic bone (Figure 3)

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Climb up: With slight pressure, climb up immediately below the gland. Ideal Jelq should not hurt at all. (Fig. 4)

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Stop before the gland: stop the fixed grip before the gland. You have completed a jelq so far! Each jelq should take 2-3 seconds (picture # 5)

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Repeat: As soon as you finish a jelq, take the other hand and repeat the process

Does Jelq really work?

This is a very common question. Even though medical institutions have not researched the effectiveness of these penis enlargement exercises. A number of certified professionals, including Dr. Richard Howard. In addition, thousands of people in the forums reported positive results with a dedicated routine. The next exercise is a basic exercise, perfect for beginners.

Do the following routine 2-3 times a week.

Heating: 5 minutes
Penis stretches: 5 minutes
Jelq exercises: 10 minutes
pause: 5 minutes

Stronger erections mean it works!

Like all exercises, the penis becomes stronger and louder by adjusting stress during jelq exercises. To grow, you need to gradually grow in intensity.

How powerful is the erection to do jelq exercises?

Start exercises at 50-75% of your erection level. You must avoid total erection when you start exercising jelq.

Why can not I start with a total erection? You’re not going to the gym, and on the first day you raise 150 kilos, right? It’s the same with jelq. Anyway with jelq, not the back will give up for the first time.

How do I prepare for the Jelq exercises?

Again to use the analogy with the weights. Warming before exercises and after-break help prevent injuries and provide better results. It’s the same with penis exercises! Penis healing for 5-10 minutes before jelq makes the penis ready for exercise.

Here are some great heating methods to start the exercise routine:

wrap your penis in a warm towel
take a hot shower
use the penis pump

The penis pump can be used both in and out of the shower and is great not only for heating but also for penis growth. Many men reported success when they added jelq routinely.

What lubricant should I use with Jelq?

Lubricants can help you get the best from jelq routine by reducing friction. There is a very large variety of lubricants. Never use shampoo or soap as a lubricant, as it can irritate the delicate skin of the penis.

Titan Gel for penis enlargement is one of the best lubricants you can use during exercise. Its special formula is designed to improve the jelq session. With Titan Gel you will get results faster!

What is a penis enlargement device or devices for Jelq?

Jelq simulators, like Jelq Device, are devices designed to assist you during the routine. The jelq simulators are great, especially if you have problems with your hand power and help the penis by uniformly distributing the pressure across its surface.

Frequently Asked Questions: How does jelq work?

Jelq’s exercises force the blood to circulate through the penis, this force increases internal pressure and forms micro-cracks in the muscular tissue and other tissues,

As well as increasing muscle mass from other parts of the body, through this process of controlled body injury and then repair, the fine muscles will grow. In this way, the penis will increase in length and thicken the penis, so it can also be used as penis enlargement exercises

How long does it see the results?

Every person is different, so the length of time until you see the differences do not depend only on your exercise routine, but also on the physiology of your body. Some men reported visible results after only a few weeks, while others took a few months.

Most men see results after the first month. However, if you have not noticed results after the first 2-3 months, we recommend you speak to a professional.

Are the results permanent?

The best news? Results from jelq exercises are permanent! You have created new tissue with the help of jelq exercises and it remains yours to enjoy it.

It is because every time you have an erection, you have done an easy exercise, so the penis is very easy to maintain its results.

Are Jelq exercises safe?

If you use the basic instructions, everything will be completely secure. Anyway, like any exercise, you may experience some unwanted effects of incorrect exercises, for example: Do not heat, train too much or too much intensity.

These effects include:

The baseball effect

The effect of the donut
Appearance of red spots or discoloration

The baseball effect.

With the baseball effect, the penis starts to look like a beating, the head becoming the largest part of the penis. The best thing you can do to prevent this effect is to do the correct jelq exercises. Also, when doing the jelq exercises, make sure you apply pressure throughout your penis outside of the gland.

The effect of the donut: the effect may occur after intensive jelq sessions. During this time, the fluids are pushed to the gland, being collected in a circle immediately under the head of the penis, pointing like a donut. For uncircumcised men, this results in swelling of the foreskin. In both cases, the swelling is only temporary and will disappear within a few hours.

Red spots or discoloration: Some of the most common side effects are the red dots that appear on the penis. These spots are the results of small capillary breakage and usually disappear after 24-48 hours. This is a sign that you have not warm enough before doing these exercises, or you have grown in intensity too fast. Take it easy next time.

Final opinions about Jelq Exercises:

Many men aim to increase the penis and its health. Of all the options available to men, penis exercises, like jelq, have been able to deliver good and lasting results. There is no method to offer instances of growth. But if you dedicate some of your time to these exercises, you can achieve safe and successful results.

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