Penis enlargement naturally

Penis enlargement naturally

Penis enlargement naturally

Penis enlargement naturally – Increase myth or reality penis

Penis enlargement is a very important issue for today’s men. Given that there are always all kinds of methods that are said to be fruitful, and the pressure on men is growing, it is clear why they are looking for new and new ways to put a few extra centimeters. However, the question is whether penis enlargement is still possible and, if so, what are the best methods and what risks they have for the general health of men.

That being said, let’s see what are the most commonly used methods of penis enlargement and whether they yield results, but also at what price they can be obtained.



Penis enlargement naturally – Manual stretching by pulling and squeezing

Running principle: Performed daily for 30 minutes for an indefinite period of time, thus stimulating penile glands and increased blood flow to the penis; the penis is manipulated in a flaccid state, with firm movements, but without getting into erection (it requires self-discipline and control), it is appropriate to be executed with penis enlargement products.

The method has ancient, Arabic origins, but executed with too much enthusiasm can cause irreversible damage to the skin and to the bleeding of the cavernous body (connective tissue that envelops the testicle).

Risks: Though safer in terms of action on the phallus compared to other mechanical or surgical methods for penis enlargement, it may cause unsightly scarring, tissue damage, pain or deformity.

Penis enlargement naturally – Vacuum pumps – classic device for penis enlargement

Principle of operation: The penis is inserted into the cylindrical tube of this device and the air is blown out by the suction force of a pump (manual or motorized); forced aspiration of the blood fills the cavernous body of the reproductive organ (determines a superficial erection); a ring is placed at the base of the penis to prevent the blood from returning to the rest of the body (maximum 20-30 minutes)

It is a simple method, but the risks are very high: loss of genitalia, impotence, tissue damage, swelling, blistering, skin discoloration, skin thinning, irritation, pain in the damaged area, injury to blood vessels (due to the high pressure difference in the penis’s interior and the pressure exerted by the pump.), lesions due to too much suction force.

Effects: The results are not permanent, and in time affects the elastic penile tissue and decreases the quality and firmness of the erections; there is an illusion about the size of the penis – it is a temporary effect due to the vacuum of the device, but you can also get impotence, so the risks are quite high.

These devices have a medical purpose, being used as conventional treatment of impotence (erectile dysfunction), functional impotence, etc.

Penis enlargement naturally – Lengthening of the penis with weights

Harnessing phallus weights is perhaps the oldest method of penis enlargement that has been practiced since 2000 years ago by African tribes, being a treatment for penis enlargement.

Function principle: attaching a device (with a rope or belt) attached to the sexual glands or behind them, allowing the weights (varize between 28 – 110 grams) to be suspended in the air for a certain time (5-10 minutes maximum / lift). Exercise consists of trying to lift these weights by repeated movements.

Risks: stretch marks, lesions, decreased penis sensitivity, impotence, tissue breakage, phallus fracture.

There is no scientific basis to guarantee the results of this method; in time may cause elongation of the pension in flaccid condition, but without results in erection or thickness state. Thus, the technique is not recommended because it can cause serious damage to the cavern walls.

Penis enlargement naturally – Insertion (blocking of blood levels in the corpus cavernosum)

The unreasonable, quite dangerous technique that uses a clamping device (cable clamp, ring for phallus) firmly wrapped in the base of the penis in the recirculation state.

Risks: permanent tissue damage (due to poor vascularization), loss of sensitivity, blockage of the fixation clamp (as a result of volume increase, blood blockage in the corpus cavernosa), nerve damage.

Penis enlargement naturally – Mechanical penile stretching: pull / pull devices

Elongation with traction devices is probably the most commonly used technique for increasing the pension.

Functioning principle: is the same used in plastic surgery for tissue expansion; tissue regeneration is used to cover skin defects, burns, calving areas as well as in orthopedic surgery to increase diaphysis of long bones and phalanges; the magnification effect occurs due to the reaction of the tissues subjected to a pulling force and the ability of the cells to multiply.

Effects: There is a natural elongation of the penis but in a flaccid state. It has no effect on the state of erection; requires a dedication close to the superhuman to resist physically and mentally, enough time available.

Risks: Tissue breakage, injuries, blood vessel breakage, penile fracture, nerve damage, blockage of blood flow to penile glands.

Penis enlargement naturally – Extended mechanical stretching

This method consists in attaching an external penis to be worn for pre-established periods of time (about 8 hours per day); this device applies a constant pulling force that elongates and enlarges the penis circumference. Learn more about these natural methods for penis enlargement.


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