Penis Enlargement Machine – Does it Work? Science says yes

Penis Enlargement Machine – Does it Work? Science says yes

Penis Enlargement Machine – Does it Work Science says yes

Penis Enlargement Machine – Does it Work? Science says yes. You can really have a bigger penis. This idea and all its variants appear in all pop-up ads and spam emails ever since the internet was invented. Among the products that promise men a larger penis include penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement ointment, penis enlargement pump, penis enlargement spray, even an ancient Arabic technique called jelqing.

All of these approaches have one thing in common: the total lack of evidence that it could cause the significant and permanent increase of the penis I promise.

However, emails, forum penis enlargement and ads continue to appear. Probably because of the many evidence that the vast majority of women prefer a penis thicker and longer than the average.

This does not mean that most people are unsatisfied with their partner’s penis or penis. In fact, a recent study has shown that 85 percent of American men are content with the trusted person.

Another study found that exactly the same proportion of women (85 percent) are pleased with their partner’s penis. But the same study, published in the journal Psychology of Men & Masculinity, found that 45 percent of men would still want a larger penis.

I find it very important how the questions are asked. For example, if I asked if I was satisfied with the size of my penis, I would say yes. On the other hand, if I asked if I’d like a few extra centimeters, I would not say no.

Penis Enlargement Machine – Does it Work? Science says yes

Research by the University of California and the University of New Mexico showed that women participating in the study preferred longer-than-average penises to long-term partners (henceforth “boyfriend dick”) and even larger penises to sex partners without obligations.

The authors of the study noted, “Since women find sex more enjoyable and more likely to have orgasm in long-term relationships, it is possible to prefer a larger penis in foster care than a physical sensation to compensate for a low psychological connection.”

Other research has shown that to some extent even the size of the penis in flaccid form has an effect on male attractiveness to women. So the conclusion would be that anyone who could invent a safe, effective and accessible penis enlargement method would enrich overnight.

It looks like this technology has already been invented. It’s a simple pencil traction device composed of a plastic harness attached to the head of the penis and another underlying it. The two metal tips connecting these harnesses can be gradually extended by the user who wants to stretch his penis. The effectiveness of this device to lengthen the penis has been confirmed by several studies.

But it seems that nobody has come, however, a billionaire from selling these products. It seems strange to me, because

a) billions of people want a penis higher than the average in their lives and

b) these dildos lingered the penis above average in just a few months.

That’s what science says.

This is the only non-surgical method that has been proven to stretch the penis. Users of a study published in the British Association of Urological Surgeons found that on average people who used a penile traction device four hours a day for six months lingered their penis 1.7 centimeters.

It is true that a longer flaccid penis has a limited utility, but in studies the length of the stretched penis is usually used to approximate the length of the penis in erection – probably because it is hard to maintain an erection that your urologist can measure.

Other studies on penis lengthening devices have had identical results. Perhaps 1.7 centimeters is not much, but for a guy with a mean penis length of 14.2 centimeters means an increase of 12 percent.


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