Exercises to increase potency

Exercises to increase potency

Exercises to increase potency

Exercises to increase potency: In intimate life, the satisfaction of both partners is equally important. Surely men know how important sexual performance is. For this you need to do a few exercises to keep the erection of sexual intercourse lasting longer.

A long-lasting erection also means sexual partner satisfaction, and consequently understanding and harmony in relation, and that naturally without pills to strengthen the penis. Here are the best exercises to maintain the erection that you can put into practice.

Exercises to Maintain Erection: 1. Stop / On

One of the most effective exercises to maintain the erection is off / on. Probably many of you already use this technique of prolonging sexual intercourse. It simply means that instead of hurrying to orgasm or ejaculate as soon as possible, you stop stimulating as much as you feel too excited. After you’ve relaxed a little longer, take it all. The rest period should vary from a few seconds to a minute or more. This constant exercise can help keep your erection longer.

Exercises to maintain erection: 2. Method of blocking

Try these exercises to keep your erection whenever you’re horny. You have to keep your contractions, and continue stimulating at the same time. During sexual intercourse, this is very easy to do when the woman is in a penetrating position behind her, and the man is kneeling. The blocking method is the most effective of all and it means contracting the PC muscles and the abdominal muscles simultaneously so that the stomach is pulled as far as possible into the spine.

Exercises to Maintain Erection: 3. Masturbation

The vast majority of males are masturbating regardless of age. Maneuvers used during masturbation can help you learn how to keep your erection longer and how to control your orgasm. For this reason masturbation can be one of the best exercises for maintaining erection during sexual intercourse.

Exercises to Maintain Erection: 4. Kegel Exercises

These are some of the best exercises to maintain the erection. You have to start with the strain and relaxation of the PC muscles (pubicoccidians, located in the genital area, both in men and women, responsible for straining the penis and vagina) 15-20 times, keeping the last strain about 10 seconds. At the end of each set of exercises, pause a minute. These constantly exercised exercises will help you have complete control of orgasms and moment of ejaculation, thus managing to keep sex longer. This way you will also notice that the morning erection is longer. To maintain your erections, you can use penis enlargement pills to help keep your erections for a long time!


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