About penis enlargement – Titan Gel can enlarge the penis?

About penis enlargement – Titan Gel can enlarge the penis?

About penis enlargement - Titan Gel can enlarge the penis

About penis enlargement – Titan Gel can enlarge your penis

All specialized studies show that the number of men who want a penis enlargement is big and ever increasing. The dimensions of the penis depend on several factors, from genetic factors to hormones. During puberty, the penis grows in size under the action of male sex hormones but its responsiveness to hormones is lost after the puberty, the size of the penis can no longer be influenced even if we administer sex hormones, “says Dr Diana Christaker, primary endocrinologist. at puberty somewhere between 10 and 14 years, and the penis stops from growing somewhere between 16 and 21 years old.

The penis increases in size with the onset of puberty, the process being deferred by male sex hormones. The use of sex hormones is not indicated before the age of puberty, because it can stop growth in height, “says the endocrinologist



About penis enlargement – Titan Gel can enlarge your penis – Penis enlargement pills, a pinch.

All personal e-mail owners have found that they are being assaulted by spam that aggresses with offers to wonder what tablets, ointments or machines that will improve your face, size of penis or quality of sex. No pill for penis enlargement or penis, whose advertising you find on the internet, is not effective. They are either nutritional supplements, or to stimulate the “placebo effect”. These sites are said to be magnifying, but when you look at the details, you see that it refers to erection and delayed ejaculation, “explains Dr. Johan Marvel, a primary surgeon in plastic surgery.

About penis enlargement – Titan Gel can increase your penis – Heavy weight and streching do not work just as some say

Many men try these methods, and they give some result, but far from what they would like. Weights can make the penis stretch, but its circumference remains the same. On the contrary, it could be thin. In addition, there is an extraordinarily high pressure in the arteries of the penis and there may be problems in getting and sustaining an erection. But many other complications.

“The oldest and most used non-surgical method of stretching is to hang weights. It’s, of course, the cheapest and at everyone’s fingertips. But I do not know how effective it is, “adds Dr. Johan Marvel, it seems none of these provide the guarantee of penis enlargement.

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With the help of the scalpel, men can earn a maximum of three centimeters in the length and circumference of the sexual organ, but that does not make them more virile. The result is seen after three months.

Courageians who venture to make a penis stretching or thickening action are aware that the only gain is no more than 3 cm extra, and that is strictly for the “image”. Doctors clearly say that such interventions are not miraculous, do not improve sexual life, and in no way treat impotence, a false impression many men live with.

Normally, after such surgery, the penis increases by 2 cm, up to 3, but most men come with higher demands. That’s the fact that of the 100 people who ask me every year, I only operate ten. And if at the beginning of my career I did not make a very large selection of patients and I had many dissatisfied, I now only operate those who understood exactly that the difference is not great and that sexual life does not change for the better. Comfort is just psychic, “explains Dr. Johan Marvel.

Elongation involves the cutting of ligaments that keep the organ attached to the pubis and support the cavernous body, while thickening consists of the injection of fat (definite effect), hyaluronic acid (resuspends in 6-9 months) or other substances that resorb in more for a year. Penis circumference increases by 2-3 cm.

The doctor states that elongation can be done simultaneously with thickening, in which case the intervention takes about two hours. Men suffering from serious heart disease, diabetes, hemophilia or other blood disorders have a contraindication. “The patient will remain under observation for at least 24 hours, and erection is not recommended for at least 3-4 weeks postoperatively,” says Dr. Juravle .

If the two interventions do not resuscitate sexual life, another operation – penis enlargement – can also benefit in the life of the couple. Its volume is even higher as the degree of excitement is more pronounced, and even triple during sexual intercourse.

About penis enlargement – Titan Gel Can Increase Penis – Risks of Intervention

When it comes to complications, doctors’ opinions are divided. If the esthetician Johan Marvel thinks that the risks are those that are specific to any intervention (infections, edema, anesthetic risk, etc.), he draws attention to the fact that the erection can be definitively compromised by a wrong maneuver. “That’s why I do not do such operations anymore. The area is very sensitive and when you inject fat or other substances, they can migrate to the blood vessels and clog them. A thing that can affect erectile function, which is catastrophic for a man. ”

The doctor recommends the more “natural” discontent patients. “And my opinion is that sex comes from the head. I tell my patients to remember the Chinese with tiny penises that invented tantra, yoga and other techniques of this kind, “says the plasticist.

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